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Most call me 'Octi' or 'Will'.

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I'm not interesting, I'm not exciting...but I am a proud Slytherin.

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I somehow did not realize that each of my blogs has a very specific colour associated with them. Each time I begin to focus on one blog, that colour begins to become dominant in real life.
The muted green of this blog is already everywhere in my house, but I tend to lean towards those sections of my eyeshadow palette when I spend a great deal of time here. The purple from my FR blog & TES blog starts working into the palettes of my artwork and I end up gravitating towards wearing amethyst a lot; greys and light pinks absorb into art when I keep CharcoalCrows open for a while.
And now, I’ve made sure to purchase nail lacquer and eyeshadow in the bright blue from the OotD blog. Must keep this theme going, after all.

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Anonymous whispered:

"=O_O= Sorry if I sound silly but you are so gorgeous."

thank you

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"Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air.

      — Ralph Waldo Emerson (via hierarchical-aestheticism)